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2023 Graduation Commemorative/Admission Preparation Catalog "COLORFUL" Request Form

*The catalog is limited to customers who are considering ordering by nursery school or kindergarten.

This time, COLORFUL CANDY STYLE will give you ideas such as "Family will be happy", "Fashionable and cute, practical items that can be used by elementary school students", etc.
We have created a catalog of graduation souvenirs and entrance preparation items that reflect the trend. We will send you the catalog free of charge.
Please take a look at the 2023 catalog "COLORFUL". If you would like to send it, please apply using the form below.

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FAX: 0120-929-923 (toll free)

*Your personal information will be used only for the purpose of shipping the 2023 Graduation Commemorative / Entrance Preparation Catalog "COLORFUL" and products, and for the purpose of providing our information.

Thank you for your registration.