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SKU NC402020

Randoseru Backpack Black x Red

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1. Lighter and freer than a school bag. Safer and more durable than a backpack. "Iitokodori" functional school bag/backpack <br>A school bag type school backpack that combines "lightness" with a sturdy and sturdy form. It is much lighter than a general school bag and greatly reduces the burden on your precious child's body. It is also ideal for commuting to school with the "no school bag" recommended in various places.

2. Ergonomic design. Pursuing comfort and reducing the burden on your child, making every day healthier <br>Reliable design to protect your child's body. The wide shoulder belt is designed according to European standards and has an optimal curve to fit the body. In addition, it comes with a chest belt for easy and safe carrying. The high-performance mesh panel on the back is both breathable and soft, making it comfortable in any season.

3. Compatible with A4 flat files. Comes with 8 reflectors. It has been treated to be water repellent, so you can always rest assured . A total of 8 reflectors (reflectors) on the front, back, and sides support safe commuting to and from school. Water-repellent material + cover parts covering the upper part can handle sudden rain. Protect your valuable school supplies.

4. Easily store A4 flat files without stress! Ease of use without losing its shape
A4 flat files can be easily stored, and the sturdy bottom plate and bottom tacks keep textbooks in place without losing their shape. Not only can it be used for commuting to school or cram school, but it can also fit a lunch box and a water bottle, making it perfect for excursions and leisure activities. The internal sorting band, elastic side pockets, removable front pocket, etc., have a large storage capacity.

5. Fashionable feeling like elementary and junior high school students in Europe. However, it is very affordable <br>Eliminates unnecessary glamour, and has a simple and lean European design. We have everything from basic colors suitable for school to beautiful colors that are popular with children. The price is affordable while the tasteful design is reminiscent of elementary and junior high school students in Paris.

6. The front pouch pocket transforms into a shoulder bag. Can be used for extracurricular classes and everyday life The front pocket can be easily removed with a snap button, and it can be used as a shoulder bag by attaching the included belt. A set of small items such as handkerchiefs, tissues, card cases, mobile phones, and wallets can be stored. Convenient, kid-friendly, unique design.

7. Quality and safety that can be used for a long time while remaining clean. COLORFUL CANDY QUALITY
Only materials that have been confirmed for robustness and safety by international testing institutes are used. An integrated system that does not introduce risk, from purchasing to manufacturing and sales. Quality and safety that can be used for a long time while being beautiful. That is COLORFUL CANDY QUALITY.

Size (unit: cm)
Backpack Vertical: Approx. 37 / Horizontal: Approx. 27.5 / Depth: Approx. 15 / Shoulder Belt: Longest Approx. 76 / Shortest Approx. 43
Weight: about 868g

Pochette Length: Approx. 17 / Horizontal: Approx. 25.5 / Depth: Approx. 5 / Shoulder Belt: Longest Approx. 131 / Shortest Approx. 71
Weight: about 147g

*There are some errors in size depending on the product. Please note.

Material: 100% polyester

●Precautions for use *This product is not completely waterproof.
*When it gets wet due to strong rain, etc., the fabric part will repel the rain, but water may seep out from the piping part and the seams of the fabric. In that case, dry in a well-ventilated place.
*Please avoid using a washing machine.
* If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in detergent, then wipe it off with a cloth soaked in water.
*If you use detergent, wipe it thoroughly with water so that no detergent remains.
*Avoid using an iron, drying with a hair dryer, or using a disinfecting spray.

●About washing <br>The color may fade slightly after washing, and the color may transfer due to contact with the product while it is wet. When washing, please avoid washing with other items.

●About the way the pattern comes out The way the pattern comes out varies depending on how the fabric is cut. Please note.

● About product specifications The product may differ from the photo or the specifications may be changed to an equivalent product. Please note.
Also, please understand when matching fabric products are sold out.

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As part of SDGs activities, COLORFUL CANDY STYLE donates part of its sales to Save the Children to support the education of children in developing countries.

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