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Early summer bargain sale! Up to 90% OFF! EARLY SUMMER SALE now being held!
Early summer bargain sale! Up to 90% OFF! EARLY SUMMER SALE now being held!
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SKU NF200100

[SALE: 60% OFF] Antivirus/Antibacterial Cold Insulation Cash Register Basket Bag Beige

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1. Cut specific viruses by 99% or more! Cut off the virus entry route and feel secure in daily shopping <br>Use of "my bag" is safe at shops where an unspecified number of people gather. If you're looking for better risk management, a bag made of "antiviral" material is the answer. Cut off the route of bringing viruses and bacteria from the store to the kitchen and keep your home clean.

2. Double effects of "antivirus" and "bacteriostasis" The main body uses fabric with antiviral function fiber processing technology. It reduces the number of specific viruses on the body fabric fibers by 99%, and the effect persists even after washing.
Silver ion taffeta is used for the main body lining and drawstring part.
Silver-ion taffeta suppresses the growth of bacteria, has antibacterial properties and suppresses the generation of static electricity, and has an excellent long-lasting antibacterial effect. Safe with double effect.

3. Antiviral and antibacterial effects persist even after washing <br>Confirmed that the effect persists in multiple washing tests. Safe and clean, you can continue to use it for a long time.

4. The handle is 2-way and compact when folded <br>There are two types of handle lengths, so you can carry it by hand or over your shoulder, and use it as you like. With pocket. When folded and fastened with a snap button, it becomes compact and convenient to carry around. With a simple design that can be carried by both men and women, it is recommended not only for shopping but also for leisure activities.

5. Easy to put on at the cash register and easy to use! A time-saving checkout basket bag that fits perfectly in your shopping basket <br>The inside of the bag has a built-in cold insulation sheet. There are two inner mesh pockets for ice packs. Since the main body spreads widely, it is easy to attach to the basket, and you can save the trouble of packing the bag at the time of checkout. The drawstring part holds the contents firmly, so you don't have to worry about it popping out.

6. Respond to charge for shopping bags. Eco-friendly, economical, and wise to live Protecting the environment without using plastic bags not only contributes to the future, but also has educational effects for children. It's economically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and it's full of good things.

7. Thorough quality control. Clean and safe until you receive it <br>We manufacture all items under our own thorough quality control, from procurement, processing and manufacturing of fabrics to sewing and inspection.

Size (unit: cm)
Vertical: Approx. 25 / Horizontal: Approx. 37 / Depth: Approx. 23 / Bottom Width: Approx. 33 / Handle Height 1: Approx. 24 / Handle Height 2: Approx. 15 / Drawstring Part: Approx.
(when folded)
Vertical: Approx. 26 / Horizontal: Approx. 14 / Thickness: Approx. 8

*There are some errors in size depending on the product. Please note.

Material: 100% cotton Lining: 100% polyester

●Precautions for use *Antibacterial and antiviral processing is not intended to treat or prevent disease.
* Antiviral processing does not suppress the action of viruses.

●About washing ※Please put it in the net when washing.

●About washing <br>The color may fade slightly after washing, and the color may transfer due to contact with the product while it is wet. When washing, please avoid washing with other items.

●About the way the pattern comes out The way the pattern comes out varies depending on how the fabric is cut. Please note.

● About product specifications The product may differ from the photo or the specifications may be changed to an equivalent product. Please note.
Also, please understand when matching fabric products are sold out.

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As part of SDGs activities, COLORFUL CANDY STYLE donates part of its sales to Save the Children to support the education of children in developing countries.

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