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Early summer bargain sale! Up to 90% OFF! EARLY SUMMER SALE now being held!
Early summer bargain sale! Up to 90% OFF! EARLY SUMMER SALE now being held!
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LAURA ASHLEY Adult Mask Free Size Set of 2 (Silver Ion Antibacterial Gauze) Floret

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Laura Ashley, the founder of the Laura Ashley brand, and her husband started an original textile printing business in 1953 from their home in London, England. Currently, it has grown into a lifestyle brand that is deployed in more than 20 countries around the world, and Laura's world view continues to attract fans around the world. Good old British culture that sets itself apart from trends, and inspiration from the nature of Wales where Laura spent her childhood. We will develop children's and baby items that express Laura's unique world view, giving off an elegant and timeless charm.

■Floret flow let

A floral print with a watercolor touch that was born as a print for an apparel collection inspired by an English garden. Delicately colored flowers are scattered about.

1.Adult mask using LAURA ASHLEY fabric <br>Adult mask using LAURA ASHLEY fabric for the outer material. Gauze containing silver ions, which has an antibacterial effect, is processed with "Aminon Ag+", which is characterized by silver ions that suppress the growth of bacteria on the fiber, moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin moist, and flexibility with a soft and silky touch. Comfortable to use. In addition to colds, you can also expect to prevent infectious diseases such as bacteria and viruses.
*This product does not completely prevent infection.

2. A cloth mask that can be used by middle and high school students to adults <br>A slightly larger size of about 12 cm vertically and about 16 cm horizontally that can be used by adults. Comfortable three-dimensional shape that is easy to breathe and fits well on your face. It is a structure that does not easily create gaps and does not slip down easily.

3. Coughing etiquette with a mask <br>By tightly covering your mouth and nose with a mask, you can prevent the spread of droplets (such as when you sneeze).

4. 100% cotton material that can be washed repeatedly and is gentle on the skin <br>The main body and double gauze are made of 100% soft cotton. It is gentle on delicate skin and durable enough to be used for a long time. The mask can be washed and used repeatedly, so it is very eco-friendly. It's a set of 2, so you can wash it and replace it.

5. Quality and safety that can be used for a long time while remaining clean. COLORFUL CANDY QUALITY
Only materials that have been confirmed for robustness and safety by international testing institutes are used. An integrated system that does not introduce risk, from purchasing to manufacturing and sales. Quality and safety that can be used for a long time while being beautiful. That is COLORFUL CANDY QUALITY.

Posting of this product on the website requires permission from Laura Ashley headquarters and approval of page content.
Unauthorized duplication or reproduction of the photographs, charts, etc., contained in this document is prohibited.

Size (unit: cm)
Vertical: Approx. 12 / Horizontal: Approx. 16

*There are some errors in size depending on the product. Please note.

Material: 100% cotton W gauze: 100% cotton (antibacterial treatment) rubber: nylon

●Precautions for use ●Washing method
1. Prepare a bucket containing an appropriate amount of laundry detergent.
2. Lightly press the mask and wash it. (Do not scrub as it may damage the fibers.)
3. Drain with a clean towel after rinsing with water.
4. Adjust the shape and dry in the shade.
*Some shrinkage may occur even after washing. (Quoted from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP)

●About washing <br>The color may fade slightly after washing, and the color may transfer due to contact with the product while it is wet. When washing, please avoid washing with other items.

●About the way the pattern comes out The way the pattern comes out varies depending on how the fabric is cut. Please note.

● About product specifications The product may differ from the photo or the specifications may be changed to an equivalent product. Please note.
Also, please understand when matching fabric products are sold out.

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As part of SDGs activities, COLORFUL CANDY STYLE donates part of its sales to Save the Children to support the education of children in developing countries.

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